You're sure to love our recreational dance classes in New Bedford, MA

At Dance Clinic in New Bedford, MA, we run recreational dance classes from September to June. These dance lessons are available for toddlers all the way up to teenagers. We have a winter show as well as a summer show that you child will perform in, which is great for building self-confidence.

Even if you child has never danced before, we'll provide them with the training they need to excel. Call or visit us today to enroll.

Recital classes for all ages

You're never too young for dance lessons. That's why Dance Clinic offers recreational dance classes for everyone from toddlers to teenagers.

Our youngest students will explore music and movement while being introduced to basic ballet vocabulary. Instructors use games, props and upbeat music to get our youngest students involved and excited. As they get older, they'll develop the basics of tap, ballet and acrobatic movements. They'll develop a love of dance while improving strength and coordination.

Our Petite, Mini and Junior/Teen classes are for older children and youths and are based on dancer ability more so than age. Your child will develop technique, poise, rhythm and self-discipline while studying principles related to body alignment, muscle control, timing and spatial awareness. Students can choose from:

  • Ballet and tap combo classes
  • Jazz and lyrical combo classes
  • Hip hop classes
  • Acrobatics classes
  • Musical theater classes

Is your child ready to explore our recreational dance classes? Speak with one of our instructors in New Bedford, MA today.

Why should you sign your child up for dance lessons?

Recreational dance classes are a popular extracurricular activity for kids of all ages in the New Bedford, MA area. You should visit Dance Clinic if:

  • Your child loves to perform
  • You know your child will want to come to most lessons
  • You want to foster athletic and artistic development
  • To build confidence and self-esteem
These dance lessons are not only tons of fun, but they're also a great way to stay healthy. Learn more about how your child can benefit from our classes by contacting us today.