Our Mission at Dance Clinic is to instill a great love of dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and respect for the art. We provide a solid technical foundation to develop strong dancers in a encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow, excel and express their individuality. Our goal is to give each individual dancer the tools they need to take dance as far as they dream to take it. We believe if you can dream it you can achieve it We will develop well-prepared dancers, should they so choose to pursue the arts Recreationally or professionally. Once a dancer always a dancer, dance is something students can come back to during all stages of their life. We will urge each student to strive daily for their personal best, as well as to support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork in the classroom. It is clear that the discipline, focus and artistic enlightenment of dance creates success in all aspects of life. Dance education contributes to the development of responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative adults in society. We provide children lasting memories ,that they will forever look back on as a special journey in their life.


We understand that each family has specific needs depending on schedule, life style, and income. At Dance Clinic we have an option for everyone. We offer three different options depending on the individual needs of a student and family.

Recreational-Recital Program
Company Team-Pre Professional Program


Toddler Clinic

Students are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary, while exploring movement and music in a fun, creative way. Our instructors use imagination games, upbeat age-appropriate music and props like scarves, hula hoops, tambourines and maracas to inspire and excite students about dance. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, listening and working with others. This class is a positive and fun first dance experience for all!. Studies have shown that stimulation in the form of movement and sensory experiences during the early developing years is crucial.

Preschool Clinic 1 & 2

The goal of the preschool program is to instill a love of dance. Our youngest dancers learn basic ballet, tap and acro movements and vocabulary in a positive and fun environment. Proper technique is taught through creative dances and imagination. These 45 minute structured classes are providing pre-schoolers a comprehensive curriculum, that help them grow developmentally in appropriate skills.

We focus on the basics: strength, muscle control, coordination, and classroom socialization. Dancers explore their independence, and every class is an adventure of music and movement.

*Petite, Mini, Junior/Teen Clinics are based on level and ability of dancer not age*

Petite Clinic 1 & 2

Designed with an emphasis on all dance vocabulary and technical dance principles . There will be technique, poise, rhythm and self- disipline. Principles related to body alignment, muscle control, timing and spatial awareness will be investigated as well.

Class will begin with all warmups, barre work, introducing external rotation of the legs and alignment of the spine, while executing and learning all basic and an introduction on Intermediate steps. This Clinics offer Ballet/Tap Combo Class, Hip Hop, Jazz/Lyrical Combo Class, Acrobats & Musical Theatre

Mini Clinic 1 & 2

These dancers are presented with a more challenging vocabulary, The number of steps is increased. I These dancers should be fully focused in class and aware of proper dance etiquette. Proper alignment and posture is refined. The use of arm control is focused. These dancers work on perfect all the basics and work on intermediate steps. They apply a full barre, and some center steps and intermediate across the floor work. This Clinic offers Ballet/Tap combo class, Lyrical/Jazz combo class, Hip Hop, Acrobats, & Musical Theatre

Junior/Teen Clinic